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Should You Be Getting Paid More?

Nursing is a tough profession.  Physically and emotionally draining, there are few jobs that test your body and mind with such consistent regularity, working long hours whilst guiding people in the darkest of places toward the light, no matter how small that shaft of sunlight may be.

But it’s a passion, an addiction and a lifetime’s work for the right type of person.  If nursing agrees with you, there are few jobs that can offer such a sense of reward and pride in ten years that you can feel on a daily basis.

But why not enjoy the best of both worlds.  Enjoy flexibility and freedom after a particular stretch of night shifts.  Enjoy a better hourly rate to reward all of your hard work.  Enjoy being in greater control of your working life!

ICARE24 Group can offer all of this and more.  Work when you want to, take as many holidays as you please… you could even earn more.

As an ICARE24 Group agency nurse, you would work to your schedule, with a dedicated ICARE24 Group consultant to help you find shifts based on your diary.  Choose to stay on in a ward that you love, choose to work fewer hours the week after some tough shifts, or, at the drop of a hat, move to a completely new ward at a new location…  Either way, it’s your decision.

This is your passion and we want to ensure that you’re happy with your rewards, ultimately we’re here to help… so let us look after you.

If you’d be interested in moving forward with ICARE24 Group, give us a call on 0844 823 6888 or email your CV to

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