The Registration Process

How to Make your Registration Process Easy

One of the most common complaints we get from our candidates is that the registration process with an agency can sometimes lag, discouraging them from even initiating the registration.

The truth is that registration with ICARE24 Group does not need to be a long and tedious obstacle race and can, in fact, be very quick and simple, provided that you are willing to collaborate with our dedicated Resourcing and Compliance Teams.
If you follow the tips below, you will go from Interview to Payslip in a breeze!

The Interview

Our Team will confirm when your interview has been scheduled for and will provide you with a comprehensive list of documents that we need to process your file. The more evidence you can bring with you to your interview, the better, as our Liaison officer can check these during your interview. (All your documents will be handled in the strictest confidence and will be returned to you by the time you have finished your interview).

Don’t be afraid to ask

Always make sure you know what else you will need to complete your registration before you leave our office. Our team will be happy to provide you with a checklist so that you do not forget what you need to reach a fully compliant status.

Speak to your Compliance Officer on a regular basis

While registering with ICARE24 Group you will have a dedicated Compliance Officer dealing with all aspects relating to your file until it reaches the audit stage, at which point you will be almost ready to start working.

Your Compliance Officer will be in touch often to update you on the status of your file. Don’t forget it is their job to have you working as quickly as possible and, for this, they need your full cooperation. If you are readily available to answer their demands, our Compliance Team will be able to keep your file up to date with the latest framework requirements, ensuring you are fully compliant to work in NHS settings nationwide.

You may want to save your Compliance Officer number in your phone contacts and add their email address to the safe list of senders with your email provider to make sure you never miss their communications.

Remember you will never be asked for evidence you do not need to become compliant.-Sometimes it may seem that you are being asked for training you feel you have already completed or for documents or details you have already submitted. However, rest assured that our team has an outstanding attention to detail and keep up with the latest developments within the NHS healthcare sector, so if your Compliance Team is asking you to provide a certain document it is because it is vital to bring your file to the audit stage. They will never bother you with unnecessary paperwork requests.

Now that you know that long registration times are not an issue with ICARE24 Group, are you looking forward to starting the process?

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